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What is a herniated disc?

By Brooke Strickland and Andrew Cash

Living with a herniated disc is no fun. The irritation to the nerves in the spine can many times lead to very serious back and/or leg pain, weakness, or numbness. What exactly does the term herniated disc (also called bulging disc, ruptured disc, or slipped disc) mean? This condition occurs when the intervertebral disc is injured.  A spinal disc has a soft center encased by a tough exterior and when some of the soft center pushes out through a crack in the tough exterior, a herniated disc will occur. Most often, it’s the result of just general wear and tear on your discs as you age. Other times, it’s related to physical activity that causes a rupture with a twist or strain.

What is low back pain?

By Brooke Strickland and Andrew Cash

If you’ve lived with or experienced low back pain, you know how painful and truly miserable it can make you feel.  Unfortunately, lower back pain is very common and the second most-common reason why people visit a doctor. The lower back is made up of an intricate number of tendons, ligaments, muscles, tissues, joints, and tissues, so when your back starts hurting, it may be difficult for you to pinpoint exactly is happening in there.  But, you shouldn’t just start popping the pain pills and learn how to live with chronic pain. There are ways to find out what’s wrong, treat it, and ways to prevent it from occurring again.

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