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Work Injury Specialist

Andrew M Cash, MD -  - Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Desert Institute of Spine Care

Andrew M Cash, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon located in Las Vegas, NV

No matter how careful you are, you can still end up with a work injury. When your injury involves your back or neck, Andrew Cash, MD, at Desert Institute of Spine Care can take care of your evaluation, provide your medical care, and complete all your required paperwork. In addition to his expertise in treating spine injuries, Dr. Cash serves as an authorized physician for workers' compensation. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Las Vegas, Nevada, or use the online booking feature today.

Work Injury Q & A

What are the most common work injuries?

Work injuries encompass the traumatic injuries you would expect, as well as overuse injuries and illnesses that occur while you're on the job. For example, you may develop a lung disease after years of inhaling fumes or dust. Or carpal tunnel syndrome could gradually occur over years at the keyboard or using tools.

Occupations like construction increase your risk of a workplace injury. But injuries affect all people in every type of work environment. You could slip on a wet floor or trip over a pallet and end up with a broken ankle, to give you just one example.

The most common work injuries include:


  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Being struck by an object
  • Accidents involving tools
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Repetitive use injuries
  • Construction accidents
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Lifting injuries


The injuries in this list cause a variety of health problems from cuts, fractures, and sprains to chronic neck or back pain.

Can I get workers' compensation?

If you have a work injury, you're entitled to workers' compensation. All employers in Nevada must carry workers' compensation insurance. This insurance pays for your medical care and provides other benefits to anyone whose injury or illness happened on the job.

You can get information about filing a claim from your employer. The most important thing to know is that you need to complete an incident report and give it to your employer within seven days. You also need to see your physician as soon as possible.

How is a work injury treated?

Work accidents and overuse injuries overwhelmingly cause conditions that need orthopedic care. Dr. Cash reviews your medical history, learns how you were injured, and does a thorough exam. He may also perform a neurological exam and evaluate your current strength and ability to perform your job.

Dr. Cash focuses on relieving your pain while also healing your injury. Your treatment may include immobilizing the injury, taking medication, or using an assistive device to help you get around.

You may also need therapeutic injections, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. Some people need surgery to realign fractured bones, reconstruct a torn ligament, or repair other musculoskeletal problems.

As an authorized workers' compensation provider, Dr. Cash promptly completes your paperwork and provides the information the insurance carrier needs to approve your claim and make back-to-work decisions.

If you're injured on the job, call Desert Institute of Spine Care or book an appointment online today.


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