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General Considerations and My Approach to Spine Care


I prefer the conservative (non-surgical) approach to treating arthritis of the neck and back. Most people will respond favorably to hands-on treatments from chiropractors and physical therapists. I only refer patients to trusted chiropractors and physical therapists who have a proven track record of excellent results. I want the best for my patients and every referral that I make is a reflection on me. I have met many superb providers in every corner of the Las Vegas valley. I feel that its important to have chiropractic or physical therapy in a location that is convenient to your routine (home or work) since you will be expected to attend sessions two to three times per week.

Spine Care

Occasionally, chiropractic and physical therapy will not be sufficient to reduce your pain to a tolerable level. When this occurs, therapeutic injections will often provide pain reduction. Typically the injections are performed by pain management physicians (anesthesiologists or physical medicine practitioners). I have professionally met all of the pain management physicians to whom I make referrals. I will only refer to providers in whom I have complete confidence in your care.

On your initial consultation with the pain management, you will discuss your condition and the planned injection. If you decide to proceed with the injection (which most patients do), you will schedule the injection for the following week. Your response to the injection is not completely predictable and results vary between individuals and with repeat injections. Therefore, I will evaluate you about a week or two after your injections to see if it worked or if we should plan a different intervention. It is not uncommon to need more than one set of injections to treat your pain.

A certain amount of patients will still have enduring pain after therapy and injections, and for those patients, surgery is often necessary to improve their symptoms. I always wait to see how my patients do with non-surgical treatments before I recommend surgery. This is because surgery has the highest risks and you cannot undo surgery. I always look for enough information from your history, physical findings and diagnostic studies to support the appropriate surgery. If I need additional studies, I make sure to order them and consider the results before reaching a final surgical recommendation. The decision to recommend surgery is not taken lightly by me, and you should not take it lightly. All spine surgeries are considered major surgeries. 

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