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Back And Neck Injuries After A Car Accident


According to the National Safety Council, 4.6 million people were seriously injured in car accidents in 2016. While some injuries can be minor and heal relatively quickly, other injuries, even following minor auto accidents, can cause severe injuries. Injuries can occur from accidents at slow as well as high speeds.

More than one body part can be involved, and symptoms are not necessarily felt immediately following the accident. All symptoms need to be addressed-whether minor or severe.

Back and neck injuries are very common following car accidents.

Neck and back injuries can be from damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, joints and bones. Some symptoms can include:

Some injuries can include:

Whiplash, extremely common following rear-end collisions.

Bone Fractures

The force of an accident can lead to broken bones.

Disc Injuries

Torn, slipped, ruptured, herniated and bulging discs can press against nearby spinal nerves


Vertebra slips forward over the one beneath it and can be caused by a traumatic car crash.

Nerve problems.

Damage to your nerves can be temporary or permanent.

To ensure that your back or neck injury heals as quickly as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment result in improved outcomes.

There are a variety of treatments to help you get back to your life including chiropractic, physical therapy, interventional pain management, and surgery. Andrew Cash, MD can help to guide you through the process for optimal return your life.

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