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Habits That Can Cause Back Pain


Lifting things that are too heavy and lifting incorrectly.

Often back injuries happen when we try to lift something that’s too heavy and lift them incorrectly. Bending your knees and use the power of your legs, keeping the weight close to the body; keep your head down and back straight, and be sure to avoid twisting.

Wearing High Heels or Flip Flops

With so many ways to hurt your back, many women may be surprised to learn that a significant cause of back pain could be shows. High heels, worn every day, all day, can affect your back in many ways. Wearing the towering footwear can shorten the muscles in your calves and cause muscle spasms in legs and back.

Flip Flops are not good for your feet either. Since you have to tighten your toes to keep the flipflop on, you walk in an unnatural way, causing strain on your legs and back. Most flip flops are also made of cheap and thin material which does not support your foot.

Purses that are too heavy

It’s a temptation to throw everything you might need into one purse. But carrying a too-heavy purse can lead to back strain and pain by forcing your body out of balance. 

Fixes can include

Lighten the load.

Carry only essentials.

Alternate sides.

Switch your purse from your left to right side, and then back again throughout the day.

Carry your purse across the center of your torso, letting the center of your body carry the weight.

Switch everything to a backpack, and carry it over your shoulders and across the back, to balance the load.

The wrong mattress

If your back is hurting when you first wake up but seems to get better with stretching or just the act of moving around throughout your day, the pain may be caused by your mattress. Frequent tossing and turning during the night is also a key indicator that your mattress is making your back sore. Replace an old mattress, find a mattress that offers the right amount of back support for your individual needs.


Nicotine restricts blood flow to the disks that cushion your vertebrae and increases the rate of degeneration. This loss of cushioning can cause back pain. Cigarette smoking also reduces calcium absorption and prevents new bone growth, leaving smokers with an increased risk for osteoporosis (brittle, fragile bones) and slower healing after bone fractures.

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