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What Is A Ct Scan?

A CT scan (also known as a CAT scan) stands for a Computed Tomography scan. It is a type of x-ray method that combines many x-ray images with assistance from a computer to generate cross dimensional views of organs and other internal parts of the body. It is far more advanced than a regular x-ray and can accurately find abnormalities in specific parts of the body. CT scans are painless, are generally a very low-risk procedure, and the amount of radiation exposure received is very minimal. Many times iodine-contrasting materials is injected in the area being x-rayed in order to help make specific parts of the body (such as arteries, veins, or kidneys) more clearly visible on the scan. They can also be used to examine parts of the head or back during traumatic injuries, and can help diagnose tumors or certain infections. Further, CT scans are commonly used to help measure bone density in the spine.

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